Curriculum Vitae


I engage in machine learning and data mining in NTT CS labs. Dr. Katsuhiko Ishiguro and Dr. Tomoharu Iwata co-supervise me.

I’m interested in machine learning for revealing a probabilistic structure of big and high dimensional data. I’ve studied sparse coding for brain computer interface and have used topic models for social data modeling. Recently I’m interested in tensor factorization for social media analysis.

Data visualization is another topic of my research. After the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami disaster, I joined a volunteer of visualizing radioactivity data organized by Professor Ryugo Hayano of the University of Tokyo(*). In that project, I experienced data visualization helps people understand what happened. From this experience, I believe that real-time data visualization is beneficial for social and sensor network applications and would like to develop a new visualization technique to employ tremendous number of data.

I believe that I have good motivations to attend this school both in theoretical and application points of view. Also, I’m an open-minded person, and easily get friends with others in a short period. I hope I’ll be able to make good relationships with classmates for the next decades. (*: